Click on the any of the names below to see individual .avi's of my videogame animations
or RMB click and choose 'Save As..' to download them and watch frame by frame


 Climb Up 128in
 Climb Down 128in
 Standing Vault 40in

 Amiso Slash Attack
 Amiso Stab Attack
 Amiso Leaping Attack
Relaxed Patrol Walk
Alert Search Walk
Unsling MP44
Sling MP44
Kneel Aim

 Lethal Grappling

"Multiman Run Cycle" "Multiman Walk Cycle" "Multiman Stomp attack" "Multiman Kick attack"


Now, for some fun check out this clip from 1994 of some classical animation I made
when I was a student at Sheridan College in Oakville, Canada


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